Sweden’s most beloved
cider since 1969

The story began over 50 years ago when father and son Branmark went to England to watch football. In England, they discovered the noble drink cider and came up with the idea of bringing cider to Sweden. In the same year, 1969, the production of the first Swedish cider began, a cider that became Sweden’s most beloved cider and remains so today.

We turn everyday life into something extra

Herrljunga Cider, for many a drink that has been around for generations. The 70s grew up with cider being served in finger glasses at celebrations and for special occasions. Nowadays, Herrljunga’s cider is just as often drunk as an on-the-go thirst quencher. The green cider is as natural as the chips for mello or the herring for midsummer. Maybe even one of the most Swedish drinks we have, just after blueberry soup.

There are no shortcuts
to the good taste

Making cider is not difficult. But making Sweden’s most beloved cider is a craft that not many people know. It requires know-how and experience. We are a fourth generation family business. And our recipes and flavors are based on traditions that are deeply rooted in the place, the company and the people who work here.

There are no shortcuts to good taste. We always use fresh water from our own source and natural ingredients. This is how we have always done it. And that’s why our products have been loved for generations.

What is real cider?

Cider is a sparkling drink that originated in England. Cider is made from apples or pears by pressing the fruit to extract the juice, which is then fermented. During fermentation, the sugar in the juice is converted to alcohol, which gives cider its characteristic flavor.

Herrljunga Cider is often referred to as Swedish cider, which differs from English or French cider, which is much drier and harsher. Swedish cider is sweeter and often comes in several flavors. The original Swedish cider is Herrljunga Cider, which was the first to produce Swedish cider in 1969. Even today, Herrljunga Cider is the leader in non-alcoholic cider.